Damian Le Bas
* 1963 in Sheffield/England
Damian Le Bas studied Fine Arts at the Royal College of Arts in London
Lives and works in Worthing/Sussex

Group- and Solo-Exhibtions (Selection)

* Safe European Home? II Installation by Delaine & Damian Le Bas. In: .CHB Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Berlin, Germany, 2013
* Gypsy Revolution, Delaine Le Bas & Damian Le Bas. Kaapelin Galleria, Helsinki, Finnland 2012
* Gypsy Revolution, Delaine Le Bas & Damian Le Bas, Museum of East Anglian Life, Suffolk, U.K., 2012
* Safe European Home? I Wiener Festwochen 2011, (Kat.), Vienna, Austria, 2011
* Wir sind Bettler, Stadtmuseum Graz, Graz, Austria, 2011
* Ministry Of Education Warning: Segregation Harms You And Others Around You,
Prag, Czech Republic, 2011
* The World In A Few Steps, Association For Contemporary Art, Graz, Austria, 2010
* Stardust Boogie Woogie, A Monika Bobinska Project, London, U.K., 2010
* Whose Map Is It? New Mapping By Artists, INIVA, London, U.K., 2010
* Intuition, The Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection,
The Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, U.K., 2010
* Inside, Outside and The Spaces In Between,Art Space Next Andra, Graz, Austria, 2010
* Foreigners Everywhere, T293, Neaples, Italy, 2010
* If Not Now, Trafo Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2010
* Paradise Lost, works from The First Roma Pavilion, Collegium Hungaricum, Brussels, Belgiuml, 2008
* Typisch! Klischees von Juden und Anderen, Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany, 2008
* Paradise Lost, Alfred Toepfer Foundation F.V.S, Hamburg, Germany, 2007
* Paradise Lost, Venice Biennale,(Kat.), Venice, Italy, 2007
* Refusing Exclusion, Prag Biennale 3, (Kat.), Prague, Czech Republic , 2007
* International Festival d’Art Singulier, Roquevaire, France, 2006
* The Tail That Wags The Dog,
Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Irland 2003
* The Art of War and Peace: Toward an end to Hatred, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, USA, 2002
* Elvision 2000, Intuit. The Centre for Intuitive and Outsider Art, Chicago, USA, 2000
* Art Unsolved: The Musgrave Kinley Collection of Outsider Art,  Irish Museum Of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland, 1998
* Error and Eros: Love Profane and Divine, American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, USA, 1998