Emanuel Barica
* 07.08.1994 in Botosani / Romania

Emanuel Barica is an active young artist who is well known and networked among the Roma in Berlin. He took part in our exhibition "Young Romani Artists" and most recently in the exhibition "Heterotypie X 3" curated by Dr. Alvaro Garreaud. In the last few months, the young artist has been able to experience a sustained, volatile artistic development. With diligence and drawing talent he develops his "Drawing of Intuition". He often uses music, the sounds of which he follows in a performative way. His workplace here is the street, often the lively Alexanderplatz in Berlin, where he creates new works to the applause of the public. Barica's art has long since developed from a simple but detailed representation of his counterpart in realistic portraits to his own pictorial language. He meets the harshness of the reality of life on the street with often poetic pictorial works, which he paints on paper with ballpoint pens, fineliners or drawing ink in reduced but also strong colors. The artist's compassion and solidarity can always be felt when he observes the mostly hard life around him in his virtuoso way of working. His art is never directly political, but his attitude is: Romanian Rome sees itself as an artistic activist who is committed to the interests of the Roma minority, the recognition of their past, and the overcoming of a difficult present marked by exclusion. With his art, he wants to provide a counter-image. So it was Emanuel Barica, the youngest, who proclaimed the manifesto of the "Young Romani Artists" with a firm voice. With Barica, we get to know an artist who, working feverishly, is at the very beginning of an artist's career: before him lies his path on the "road of reality".

05/2019 Straße der Wirklichkeit . Street of reality
Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin (GER)
01/2019 Heterotopie X3
Dokumentations- und Kulturzentrum Deutscher Sinti und Roma
Dokuz Sinti und Roma, Berlin (GER)
11/2018 Young Romani Artists
Galerie Kai Dikhas, Berlin (GER)