Mersud Selman

My name is Mersud Selman and I was born on 16th of December 1986 in Bihać, (Bosnia and Herzegovina). There I finished the secondary art school. I started to paint as I was a child and I had deep emotion for the colours. In 2010, I got accepted at the Academy of Arts under the supervision of Prof. Veso Sovilj (Department of Visual Arts). As student I was yet able to enjoy high appreciation for my artwork and my artistic vision. I participated in several art colonies and workshops and had solo exhibitions in Bihać, Sarajevo, Banja Luka and in some European cities as Muenich and Berlin (Germany), Milan (Italy), Switzerland (Rheinfelden), Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary).


"We are humans, not gypsies". This is the title of a short documentary movie produced in 2016 and screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival the same year. A biographic statement which relates about me, my brother, who is also a painter, and my family, aiming in this way to offer a contra-response to the stereotyping image about Roma in the mainstream society.

During my stage in the RELP (Roma English Language Program) at the CEU (Central European University, Budapest), I was very happy to meet many Roma women that were studying there. At this point, I started to feel, I need to paint them, to deeply reflect about the challenges that they daily face in the community and society...Early marriage, their status relating to men, their silence... NevertheIess I address empowerment and freedom without colour, line and outlook. This is my artistic message to them and the wide public. Because this concerns not only Roma women, but every women.