Alfred Ullrich . O N E   O F F
09. September 2019

The artist Alfred Ullrich is an experienced and trained printer and graphic artist. For many years he worked with the broad medium of etching, from drypoint to aquatint to his own techniques. He is often interested in damage, quasi wounds of the material, from which he creates abstract works with his own clarity and elegance. The peculiarity of the medium is the possibility of reproducing the original - in Ullrich's case in mostly exclusive, handcrafted small editions on valuable created papers. Signed and numbered, they allow a greater number of viewers and collectors to participate in the original, in the original moment of artistic creation than would be the case in classical painting. The craftsmanship of the execution and its playfully light yet stylistically confidently pointed portrayal make Ullrich's works desirable art objects of the Biennale artist. The creative moment, the manual processing is a unique process, the printing the repeated image of the same. The ONE OFF exhibition is dedicated to the artist's monotypes, which, in his skilful joy of experimentation, this year form a collection of works of extraordinary quality. Thus, while Alfred Ullrich's art can be seen at the current 58th Venice Biennale as part of the 3rd Roma Pavilion FutuRoma, curated by Dr. Daniel Baker on behalf of ERIAC, European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture, the gallery Kai Dikhas provides an insight into Ullrich's current oeuvre. Monotypes are mostly experimental prints that can only be printed once. For example, the printer applies ink to the printing plate and prints directly onto paper with the printing press or by hand. The resulting works are thus unique, like the thought of a work or the moment of creation so delightful for artists.


In deep blue works, like a reminiscence of the past, in which his mother, as a travelling Sintezza, still dealt with lace, one can recognize fragments of the floral patterns of lace blankets, but above them color clouds inspiring the imagination, in which one can recognize faces and other memories. Other works appear completely abstract. Bright magenta-coloured print portraits create free thinking spaces in layers of colour and shifts that only an experienced artist can create. Black imprints of dressing material in fascinating three-dimensionality recall the frailty and vulnerability of the artist.


The exhibition ONE OFF is flanked by the limited edition prints of Kai Dikha's editions, which have accompanied the gallery's work since 2011. On view are edition prints by Alfred Ullrich, who himself has provided the impetus for this now diverse series, as well as those by Damian and Delaine Le Bas, George M. Vasilescu, Gabi Jiménez, Valérie Leray, Jeannette Gregori and others. These print editions document the diverse work of Galerie Kai Dikhas over the past nine years. The exhibition becomes a festival of art that not only celebrates the Kai Dikhas artist Alfred Ullrich, but also the diversity of the medium and creativity of the international minority artists* in general.