YRA - Manifesto
09. Februar 2019
The artists of the exhibition YOUNG ROMANI ARTISTS formulated a manifesto in order to make their concerns heard even beyond curatorial concepts. In a short ceremony on 26 January 2019, the artists announced the manifesto in the installation Romane Thana by the Polish artist Małgorzata Mirga-Tas in the Dikhas Dur art space of the gallery.

We  believe that nothing is more real than a dream.
We hope that with our art, and work, with our lives,
to make others to dream,
to a better society, a better thought of tomorrow.

For us, art is a language that carries a message, a concept, a new emotion for our world.

We are the artists, and we are here, now and then we will be.
Art will prevail! Akathe Te Beshen!
To us, our Romany identity is a very important source of inspiration,
and we share that with you,
and you will see, that Roma culture will be good for all.
It will embrace us and give us warmth.
While we come from different countries
and carry with us all our different experiences and perspectives,
it is Roma culture that we share.
We trust and inspire each other.
Don’t talk about us, but with us!
Our image is ours, we build our images, not anyone else.

We demand scholarships for young artists of Romany background
with the purpose of presenting their own art through art.
We demand spaces to unfold
We demand that the media are open to us,
We demand institutions that house our art,
We demand archives that keep our memories and art safe as any nations have them
We welcome RomArchive and will contribute to it.
It are the artists that make it shine.
We ask that the few institutions that we will have to collaborate heartfully,
Because we must stand together in this world which has fought against us for centuries.
Only solidarity can bring us forward.
We call for collegiality. 
Now times will change.
We are facing that our artists are reaching the major institutions of Europe
and it will be us!

We want to collaborate with galleries, museums and institutions of the mainstream society, because we are part of the same society of European memory.
We ask them to recognize our contributions to provide support,
just to any artists of quality.